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Online Billing for Business Energy

More and more companies embrace the internet not only as a way to do business with their clients but also as a way of interacting with their suppliers. However, the development of a universal move away from paper invoicing is not as sophisticated as it is in some other sectors. However, some business energy providers have adopted online billing to save time and costs as well as provide their clients with frequent, timely and informative access. While the requirements of the online billing of each supplier differ, the client getting their invoices via a dedicated online portal with which they can communicate at will is the minimum specification.

Energy Suppliers with Online Billing

Those suppliers who have developed their proposition to provide online billing to their business energy customers are:

Energy Suppliers with Paper Billing

Those business energy suppliers who continue to rely on paper billing for their main communications with their customers are:

Though, it is not just the presentation of bills that those clients miss out on when using supplier without the features of online billing. The domestic like capacity to provide periodic meter readings to their energy provider online to guarantee precise assessment of consumption quantities and hence billing has been an important boon for many companies. The deployment of intelligent and advanced meters allows them to use their client portals to communicate directly with their clients for the most forward-thinking business energy supplier, offering near-real-time access to their metering information allowing a much higher level of transparency and control in their relationship.

That's not to say that business energy providers without online billing are a bad choice, far from it, a poor bill is no less wrong if it's supplied internet than if it's sent by post! However, if frequent and timely access to data is vital to the energy requirements of your company, online billing can create all the difference to your energy provider selection. If you are interested in finding out more about your billing alternatives and what will work best for your company, call us at 0800-208-8301, we would love to hear from you.

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