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LLOYD ENERGY offers a range of portable, fixed Terminals to suit a variety of business needs.

LLOYD ENERGY offers a range of payment terminals like Wired, Wireless Terminals to suit a lot of different variety of business needs. Face to Face transactions with the consumer is called Cardholder Present (CHP) solutions and is provided through a payment terminal.

Innovative Payment Services

We deliver leading payment terminals, we provide you with real-time transaction information and intelligent management reporting.

Quick, Simple and Clear

Our team at LLOYD ENERGY is here to help you at every step of the process. We assist you in what would work best for you and according to your business.

Supporting Your Business

We can offer organized Installation of your terminal. Speak to a member of our team about how we can help your business: 0800-208-8301


Wired or Corded Card Payment Terminals

The requirement of card payment terminals is continuously increasing these days, as people are completely relying on card payments and they like to pay their bills by card because they do not want to carry cash. Wired card payment terminals are the best solution for all the merchants to receive card payments, including contactless card payments.

They are a flexible and reliable option for retail POS (Point Of Sale) environments. Usually, the wired (corded) card payment terminals are placed on a countertop and linked to a telephone line, which is used to access the banking communications either by dialing up or over a permanent broadband connection so that transactions can be processed.

The terminal’s software completely encrypts the transaction information when transmitting, to ensure the payment is made securely.

Benefits of Wired Card Payment Terminals
  • It Works with existing dial-up telephone or broadband connection
  • It is Reliable and strong
  • Payment from all major credit and debit cards are accepted
  • In this Contactless enabled as standard, helping your customers to make payments quickly
  • This terminal Available as a single terminal or separate terminal and PIN pad
  • It's Safe and secure
  • Very Simple and easy to set up
Wired or Corded Card payment terminals

Wireless Card Payment Terminal

You can take the card terminal to your customer enabling you to serve your customers at their table with a wireless card terminal. Stores which have multiple payment points usually have Wireless card terminals.

The terminal utilizes Wi-Fi connectivity to connect to a base station and connect to a telephone line that is used to contact the banking channels either by dialing up or over a permanent broadband connection when processing a transaction.

The Card payment terminals are easy to use and reliable. These terminals designed to meet the demands placed upon them by the nature of taking card payments on the move. Wireless terminals need easy-to-read screens, which is essential when sunlight card payments are made outside.

Wireless payment terminals offer payment ease for customers and merchants. These terminals also provide a secure environment to take the card payments.

Benefits of Wireless Card Terminals
  • Merchants can bring the terminal to the client at a table or pay from various pay points
  • Works with a current telephone or broadband connection
  • All significant credit and debit cards are approved.
  • Contactless allowed, helping your client make payments rapidly
  • Simple to set up
  • Fancy design to be used outside with easy-to-read screens in sunlight
  • Exceptional battery life, allowing you to process more transactions on a single charge
Wireless card payment terminal

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LLOYD ENERGY offers a range of payment terminals like Wired And Wireless Terminals to suit a lot of different variety of business needs.