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Water brokers play a very important role in the reformed water market; therefore it is important for you to choose the right water supplier for you. The competitive water opened its doors in April 2017 where British businesses and public sector bodies are now able to switch water suppliers freely. This has increased competition in the market. This is also driving water innovation across the water sector which will ultimately benefit the end user’s experience. The importance of water brokers is not hassled enough with an open market; LLOYD ENERGY is a supporter of the open water market and will act as a representative for our customers to guide them about the new competitive marketplace.

Water is open for business

With the current changes to the water market, which came into effect on 1 April 2017, most businesses and organizations in England can now select the their water supplier company.

Eligible businesses, charities and public sector customers are no longer limited to buying business water services from their local area water supplier company. Instead of this, they are now free to choose their water supplier. You can choose to have one supplier for your water supply and another for wastewater services, or just have one for both.

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You can talk to our consultants to see which supplier will offer you the best deal on business water when it comes to:

  • your bills and payments
  • reading your meter
  • customer service and water-saving advice

If you are not sure about your water supplier or your water contract, our experts guide to retailers and wholesalers water suppliers in the open water market might help.

Your business could save water, by having the freedom to choose. You will spend less and get a lot of other benefits by comparing business water supplier with us.

Open water and small business

Most small businesses also have the freedom to choose the water supplier for premises in England

The benefits of a competitive water market include:
  • better value for your money
  • lowering your bills and charges
  • improving the customer service you get
  • tailored services for your company – such as consolidated billing
  • help to become a more water-efficient business

The water market is now open for business

You now have the ultimate power to choose your business water and waste services. We will help you to get the best contract for your business water through using our market insights and supplier relations. If there are any savings to be made from new contracts to bill validations, we will find it.

We made switching very easy

Switching water supplier is very simple. If you haven’t agreed a new water contract then you are completely free to change you business water supplier whenever you like to change. If you are not satisfied with your water supplier or have had any previous issues, you can make a move and check out the new offers on the market provided by other suppliers.

How can I Compare Water Suppliers?

Scottish customers are benefiting from being able to compare water suppliers in Scotland, with over 130,000 businesses switching to a new water contract and making considerable savings on their water bills.

The Water Market in Scotland has been working in this way for almost ten years and is now working well for both business and domestic consumers. In England, the market is still growing and is facing some problems with rising complaints and problems from customers.

Benefits to changing water suppliers
  • Lower bills and better value for money
  • Improved customer service
  • A better tailored service to suit your business needs
  • Aid in becoming more water efficient

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