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Business Gas Prices Comparison

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Commercial gas tariffs are more complicated, as compare to domestic plans. From energy consumption to your location everything has an impact on the prices. Comparing prices for business gas contracts is the only way to get the cheapest price for your gas utility in the UK.

The best way to save money on commercial gas is to get a fixed-term contract. Most contracts are good for 1 year and give you a guaranteed price during the contract period. 2 and 3-year contracts are also often available with lower tariffs. Fixed-term gas contracts can often be 60% cheaper than alternative plans.

Alternatively, you may also consider switching to suppliers to an independent company. They can sometimes offer more competitive rates than the big six.

How to find the best business gas tariffs

Business gas prices may vary between many suppliers. It is totally depending on your business circumstances. So finding the best deal for your business gas you need to get quotes from different energy suppliers. Comparing the gas tariff prices are quite a time taking process and it may create a hassle for you. So the best way is to compare quotes and find the best business gas prices is to make a quick call at our toll-free number 0800 208 8301.

business gas prices

Energy experts at Lloyd energy will help you to compare prices with 45 different suppliers and will get the best energy tariffs for you.

  • We will compare prices and manage your switching to save you time, money and hassle.
  • We always guarantee you the best deal. So that you would not get stuck with the expensive gas tariff.
  • We work only with suppliers whom we rely on to offer great deals and provide great service to our customers.
  • A small phone call is all that seems to set up your switch - we will take care of the rest.

Factors affecting on comparison

How large is your business?

The size of your business affects which tariffs you can get because some energy suppliers only supply businesses of certain sizes. Types of businesses that can be sheltered include:

  • Small: businesses with low gas usage and micro businesses.
  • Large: businesses with high gas usage, for example, restaurants or companies with a large space to heat.
  • Multi sites: businesses that need service at more than one location. You usually get a discount if you need multi-site service.

Which tariff suits you?

The price of your business gas is affected by which tariff you pick:

  • Fixed: The price of your gas remains the same throughout your contract, but it may be that when you remain in the contract for four years. This prevents you from switching until your contract is terminated.
  • Flexible: You pay for the gas you need, which allows you to take advantage of lower rates when your usage is high. However, you may lose out if the price drops after you have done your contract.

How does business gas prices comparison online work?

When you compare with us, you meet some questions, and we show you a list of business gas quotes according to your needs. Then you choose a quote that suits your needs and you can apply online for switching your supplier. Your new supplier organizes all the details of the switch.

There is no interruption in your supply or any groundwork to be done because the suppliers use the same pipes to deliver your gas. You will need to do some things, such as paying off outstanding bills, arranging to pay you back for credit and taking the final meter readings.

We will send you reminders, to save you from the tension of remembering to renew your contract in your already busy schedule. We make the switching process easy for you as we help you all the way through to get a beneficial deal.

What do I need to switch business gas?

Comparing commercial gas is a quick and easy process. All the information you need to compare quotes can be found on a recent gas bill, such as:

  • Your existing supplier’s name
  • Your business premises postcode
  • The end date of your current contract
  • Gas consumption

If you don’t know where to find all of these details, contact our energy consultant, they will guide you in understanding your energy bill.

How much can your business save by switching gas supplier?

No matter how big or small your business, we provide the easy business gas comparison service which is completely free and 100% neutral so that you can find yourself a cheaper deal.

The thing is, all businesses are different – no matter how similar two businesses may seem, they’ll have different energy demands, and that’s why there are no readymade business energy tariffs available. We will quote you prices according to your business.

Your contracts will be designed to meet the unique energy demands of your business, so it’s hard to say exactly how much your business could save without comparing business gas prices. So you can compare your business gas tariffs on or you can directly call us on 0800 208 8301. Our energy consultant is there for you to help in finding the best commercial gas deal.

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