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Supplier Payment Methods

business energy suppliers perform a broad range of policies regarding their customers ' payment techniques. It quickly becomes quite a minefield to understand which providers offer contract conditions that suit your business needs in combination with their credit score requirements and their preference for certain business industries above others. We have created a guide of who provides what payment conditions and at what price to help you navigate the market and identify the supplier that best suits your business requirements. However, it is important to remember that selecting Direct Debit terms with your business energy provider will always be the cheapest way to enter into an agreement, and alternative payment techniques such as cash/cheque terms may bring a precise or built-in premium. Some suppliers even give clients a discount to choose direct debit as their preferred technique of payment to reward the higher assurance of payment it brings to their business. Our recommendation would always be to select direct debit, it is not only cheaper, and it also opens up a much wider variety of contract decisions.

Mandated Direct Debit Payments

To explore the alternatives for your business, we will first concentrate on those providers who require their clients to pay through Direct Debit and who do not accept any other payment technique. These are:

Direct Debit with Discount

There are currently two suppliers who give a precise discount to their clients who choose to pay by direct debit:

  • EDF offering a 7% discount
  • E.ON Nextrewarding clients with a 4% discount

Business energy suppliers also manage their Direct Debit payment terms in alternative ways:

Variable Direct Debits

The following business energy suppliers use a Direct Debit policy variable to change the quantity your business pays every month based on your real (or estimated) usage:

Fixed Direct Debits

In comparison, some business energy suppliers offer fixed direct debit deals where by your business pays the same quantity of money every month, regardless of consumption, offering your business with enhanced price clarity and cash flow certainty. However, please note that the supplier will review the' set' level to guarantee that your business will cover its real or estimated utilization price. Therefore, the' fixed' level may be modified in some situations. The providers of company energy that run this strategy are:

The final direct debit variable is the regularity of fees or direct debit frequency Most business energy suppliers stipulate monthly direct debit; however, some give quarterly direct debit options subject to certain requirements and prospective premium fees.

Monthly Direct Debit

Those suppliers who approve a policy of Monthly Direct Debit are:

Quarterly Direct Debit

Suppliers offering a quarterly direct debit option are:

  • E.ON Next Scottish Power subject to a 5 percent surcharge
  • SSE for Profile 03 to 04 Electricity customers

For business energy customers who do not want or cannot pay by direct debit, their options are much more limited, only three suppliers offer cash / check payment method at no extra charge.

Cash/Cheque Payments No Extra Charge

These are:

Cash/Cheque Payments at Extra Charge

Another two providers will give Cash / Cheque conditions but will load extra fees into their product to tackle the loss of certainty associated with non-Direct Debit payment. The providers who do this and an indicative idea of the potential additional charges are:

  • SSE who can charge up to 2% premium
  • Total Gas & Power who adopt a policy of charging non-Direct Debit customers £ 25 a month to cover additional collection and administration expenses

Finally, there is a restricted number of additional suppliers who will consider providing cash / check payment conditions on a case-based basis.

Limited Cash/Cheque Payments

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