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What Makes Up Your Business Electricity Bill?

The gas price you pay on your bill is made up of a number of constituent parts

  • the raw energy cost (or wholesale cost)
  • the cost of transportation (or transmission & distribution)
  • losses (or unbilled volumes)
  • levies (or environmental and social obligation costs)
  • metering costs (or supplier operating costs)
  • the supplier’s margin (or profit)

What does it look like?

Once all these costs are factored in, the gas price will sometimes be represented in two elements:

  • Unit rate(s)
  • A standing charge

At other times there will only be a Unit rate present. As a result the energy price can be levied against both the number of kWh you consume (your unit rate(s)) and the number of days you are 'on supply' (your standing charge) or just the kWh’s consumed. For more information, or if you simply want us to get the best deal for your business gas, simply call us on 0800 051 5770, we'd love to hear from you.

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