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How to Find Your Supplier and Why It Matters?

When it comes to managing your business's finances and ensuring you're on the right track with your energy costs, knowing your energy supplier is an important factor to consider. In this blog, we'll guide you through the process of discovering your energy supplier and we will also tell you why it's essential for your business.

Who Is Your Energy Supplier?

Your energy supplier is the company responsible for providing your gas and/or electricity. If your business is on a dual fuel deal, you'll have the same supplier for both energy sources. However, it's possible to have different suppliers for each service.

If you're unsure about your energy supplier, especially when you've just moved into a new property, it's crucial to find out. This knowledge allows you to make informed decisions regarding your tariff, ensuring it aligns with your needs, and equips you to handle any issues that may arise.

The Simplest Way to Discover Your Energy Supplier

The easiest way to find out who supplies your energy is by checking a recent gas or electricity bill. On your bill, you'll not only see the supplier's name and contact details but also the name of your tariff. Additionally, your bill will display your provider's cheapest available tariff. If you can't locate a bill, don't worry; there are alternative methods to track down your supplier.

Identifying Your Electricity Supplier

To discover your electricity supplier, you can contact your distribution network operator (DNO). While they're not responsible for your energy bill, they can assist you in finding out who supplies your electricity. Here are the contacts for different regions:
  1. North Scotland : Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks: 0800 048 3515
  2. Central & Southern Scotland : SP Energy Networks: 0800 092 9290
  3. North East England & Yorkshire : Northern Powergrid: 0800 011 3332
  4. North West England: Electricity North West: 0800 195 4141
  5. Merseyside, Cheshire, North Wales and North Shropshire : SP Energy Networks: 0800 001 5400
  6. The Midlands, South Wales and South West England : Western Power Distribution: 0800 6783 105
  7. South East England, East of England and London : UK Power Networks: 0800 029 4285
  8. Southern England : Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks: 0800 048 3516
  9. Northern Ireland : Northern Ireland Electricity Networks: 03457 643 643
  10. Republic of Ireland : ESB Networks: 00353 21 238 6555

If you're unsure about your region, you can use the Energy Networks Association postcode search tool to find out.

For power cuts, call 105 (a free phone number) or use the Power Cut 105 website to contact your local electricity network operator. Regardless of your electricity provider, anyone can call 105. In emergencies where someone is in danger, dial 999.

Knowing Your Business Gas Supplier

To determine your gas supplier, you can take these steps:

  1. Comparing and choosing the right business gas deal is a strategic move to optimize your budget and ensure the financial health of your business. Don't let high energy costs eat into your profits when there are options to save.

  2. If you don't have internet access, you can call the meter helpline at 0870 608 1524. This number is available nationwide, and calls are charged at 7p per minute.

Moved to a New House? How to Find Your Supplier?

If you've recently moved to a new property, you might be wondering who supplies the energy there. Here's how to discover this information:
  1. Contact your estate agent, previous owner, or landlord if you're renting.

  2. If the previous occupant has informed the energy supplier of their departure, you should receive a notification letter when you move in. Typically, this letter is addressed 'to the occupier.'

  3. After moving in, contact the current supplier to inform them of your occupancy. Read the meters on your first day and send these readings to the supplier. Keep in mind that you're responsible for the gas and electricity bills from the day you assume control of the property, even if you don't move in on that specific day.

  4. Pay your old supplier's final bill when it arrives.

Why Knowing Your Supplier Matters?

Understanding who your energy supplier is has several advantages:
  1. Billing and Tariffs: You need to know your supplier to ensure you're on the right tariff and to make your payments accurately.

  2. Cost Savings: Knowing your supplier empowers you to find the best deal. You can determine if you're overpaying and explore more cost-effective options with different providers.

  3. Issue Resolution: If you encounter problems with your energy supply, knowing your supplier is essential. Contact them directly for assistance. By law, they have up to eight weeks to resolve your complaint. If you're dissatisfied with their response, you can reach out to the Energy Ombudsman for further support. Citizens Advice is also available to assist in the complaint process.

Determining Your Energy Plan

To identify the energy tariff you're currently on, check your energy bill. It should contain all the necessary details, including the name of your tariff. If you're still uncertain or can't locate this information, contact your supplier directly, and they'll gladly provide the information.

Knowing your energy supplier and understanding your tariff is a valuable step in managing your business's energy costs effectively. It ensures you're in control of your energy expenses and can make informed decisions to save money and optimize your energy usage.

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