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Finding the Best Business Gas Supplier in the UK

Small Business Gas Suppliers and Prices

The energy situation in the UK has been tough for small businesses. With winter approaching and no government assistance announced since January, business owners are left with limited options. The upcoming Autumn statement in November may bring some hope for further support.

What to Look for When Comparing Business Gas Suppliers?

  1. Charges:

    Your business gas bill is mainly made up of two charges - the unit cost (measured in kWh) for the actual gas you use, and the standing charge that covers the cost of getting gas to your door.

  2. Rate Types:

    Choose between fixed rate (stable price), variable rate (price can fluctuate), deemed rate (higher cost, no contract), or rollover (high rates between contracts).

  3. VAT:

    The standard VAT rate for gas is 20%, but you may qualify for a 5% reduction if you meet specific criteria.

  4. Green Energy Credentials:

    As sustainability becomes a top trend, consider suppliers offering renewable energy. Octopus Energy is a top choice for this.

  5. Customer Service:

    Excellent customer support is vital when selecting your energy provider. Check ratings and reviews for reliable service.

Business Gas Suppliers at a Glance

Company Characteristics Unit Price per kWh Standing Charge (per day)
British Gas Security and reliability, mid-range pricing, Best known for Security and Reliability 10.01p 42.70p
E. ON Transparency and affordability
100% renewable energy option for smaller businesses, Best known for transparency
7.15p 29.11p
Octopus Energy Top choice for renewable energy, competitive rates, Best for renewable energy 7.82p 36.33p
EDF Energy Discounts and rewards, variety of sustainable products for greener businesses, Best for discounts and rewards 8.9p 25p

How to Find the Lowest Business Gas Prices?

To find the lowest price for your business gas, estimate your annual usage, prefer fixed-rate tariffs, and know your rate type. Some suppliers offer discounts if you combine gas and electricity contracts. When seeking a quote, be ready with:

  1. Your MPRN (Meter Point Reference Number)

  2. Your annual gas usage

  3. Typical gas usage times

  4. Electricity usage, if you're considering dual energy contracts

  5. Contract expiration date, if applicable

How to Save Money on Your Business Gas?

Non-domestic customers can get an automatic discount through the government's Energy Bill Relief scheme until April 2024. Additional support is available for businesses with high gas usage or small energy needs. Be flexible with your payment method, understand your contract terms, conduct an energy audit, and consider energy-efficient technology.

How to Switch Business Gas Supplier?

Switching suppliers is straightforward. Your new supplier will handle the switch. You'll need information from your gas bill and your current supplier. Pay any outstanding fees to close your account. If there's credit, you can request a refund.

How Suppliers Calculate Business Gas Costs

Business gas costs depend on various factors:

  1. Location (rural areas pay more)

  2. Business size (special products for small businesses)

  3. Business sector (manufacturers vs. drop shippers)

  4. Type of tariff (default vs. standard variable)

  5. Strength of the pound

  6. Supply and demand (weather conditions and energy demand)

Compare Business Gas Suppliers

We've covered key information on gas suppliers, how to choose one, and how to switch. If you're ready to switch or just want more information, use our free online web form to get suitable quotes for your business gas needs. It's quick and hassle-free!

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