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Economy 7 Off-Peak Hours

Off-Peak Hours

Economy 7 times can be confusing. Opposing to some belief, Economy 7 Off-Peak Hours are defined by area and meter, not by Supplier.

Some regions are overt about the Economy 7 times and have a single 7-hour period wherever an Economy 7 meter is fitted. If your business is based in the North East, North West, Yorkshire, Southern England or London then you can tell exactly when you’re Economy 7 Off-Peak Hours begin and end.

Other regions make it less easy and as an alternative work on the basis of the Economy 7 time being a meter dependent period of 7 consecutive hours within a nighttime stage of anything up to 10.5 hours.

To make things a little convenient each of these Economy 7-time combinations must be in multiples of half hours and so the period must begin at either 00 or 30 past the hour.

In normal circumstances, where you are not located in a region that specifies its Economy 7 hours regardless of meter type, the specific timing applicable to the meter should be detailed on the unit itself. If this is not visible you will have to contact your meter operator to set up the exact Economy 7 times specific to your installation.

Use the growing sections below where you will find a list of policies on the Economy 7 times by region and a breakdown by each time period with the regions that abide by each convention.

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