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Cheapest gas suppliers

Many businesses pay far higher business gas prices than they need to.

Here we'll show you how to make sure you get a great deal on your business gas.

How to get cheapest business gas prices?

There are six important elements that you need to pay attention to make sure you get a better deal on your business gas:

Prices differ broadly among different providers, so this is really the golden rule: never sign a contract until you have verified that the price you were given is competitive.

You can do this yourself, or experts at Lloyd energy can do it for you by ringing around all the various business gas providers.

By comparing business gas rates from the entire industry on your behalf, we can save you a lot of time. The quickest way to get a quote is calling on 08000488472.

While standing charges apply to business electricity tariffs, not all tariffs apply to gas.

Whether a standing charge tariff is correct for your company or not will rely on how much gas your company uses.

If you’re a heavy user, a low unit rate is vital, but if you use relatively little gas, you might be better off with a low (or no) standing charge and higher unit rate. We can discover a tariff that matches your company with a mixture of standing charge and unit rate.

Many people just worry about the unit rate, but getting the highest unit rate doesn't necessarily mean you're paying your gas the lowest possible cost; it all relies on how much power you're using.

Here at Lloyd energy, we can discover a tariff that matches your requirements with the standing charge balance and unit price.

By signing up for a longer-term contract, you are likely to pay a premium to start with, but with the upward trend in business gas prices, you will almost certainly see long-term savings as opposed to multiple short-term contracts signed over the same period.

We can offer anything from 1 week to 6-year agreements, if there is a contract obligation out there, we can deliver it with every choice in between significance.

If your contract expires and you do not have a fresh contract prepared to switch to and considered rates in the period when you move to new premises before you can settle your agreement, you will pay out of contract prices.

It's a costly situation to be in.

  • Out - of-contract tariffs may be twice as high as in-contract prices.
  • Rates deemed to be likewise punitive.

You should always avoid ending up in a scenario where at all costs you are subjected to them. Lloyd energy can operate with you to guarantee that you are not caught up in penalty rates

the price of business gas is unstable-it can change every day.

Prices fluctuate so much because, unlike the domestic market, business energy is not purchased in advance, it is purchased as and when fresh agreements arrive.

This implies that business gas prices are having an enormous effect on the wholesale market.

You're happy with it when you get a quote to snap it up there and then because you can't ensure that the price will still be accessible tomorrow.

your gas bill is subject to a number of additional fees, whether IGT, VAT or CCL.

Independent gas transporters (IGTs) serve some company premises instead of the Transco network.

If you get your gas through an IGT, your rates may be greater because the gas provider will have to pay the IGT a premium for using their tubes.

A VAT is charged on commercial gas bills at 20 percent. However, some companies only have to pay 5%, for instance if you have a domestic/residential component in your company, such as a care home or a caravan park, or if you use an average of 145 kWh of fuel a day or less.

Climate Change Levy is a public tax; it is paid by all companies unless they use renewable energy you use or less than an average of 145 kWh of gas per day.

Lloyd energy calculates all three of these extras for you, so you'll understand how much you're paying.

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