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Best Electricty Suppliers in 2024

With more than 80 companies vying for business customers, it's not easy to say who the absolute best commercial electricity suppliers are. But we can sort them in a few different ways. To start, here's a quick look at the nine largest business electricity suppliers, based on data from Ofgem, which is the energy regulator is a priority for you, this will be one of the cheapest energy suppliers.

EDF Energy

EDF Energy, a major player in the energy industry, is not only one of the largest energy suppliers to businesses but also the UK's largest producer of zero-carbon electricity. They're currently working on constructing two cutting-edge nuclear reactors at Hinkley Point C, a project that promises to make a significant dent in the country's carbon emissions. EDF stands out with its 24/7 live chat support and a wide array of deals tailored to meet the needs of businesses, both small and large.

E. ON Next

EON Energy, another heavyweight in the energy sector and part of the 'big six' energy suppliers is dedicated to helping both its business and residential customers reduce their carbon footprint. In a notable move, EON Energy recently acquired nPower's business energy supplier division, creating one of the UK's largest commercial energy providers.


SSE's Business Energy division is another key player in the commercial energy market, serving over half a million business energy meters throughout the UK. What sets SSE apart is their sourcing of business energy from their own wind and hydro generation plants, reflecting their strong commitment to sustainability and their prominent role as a partner to the UK government during the Glasgow COP 26 climate change conference.

British Gas

British Gas, a household name in the UK, is the largest energy services supplier to homes and plays a substantial role in the British business energy landscape. Owned by Centrica, a multinational energy firm, British Gas caters to over 350,000 organizations across the nation, offering a comprehensive suite of services, including new connections, renewable energy generation, EV charging points, and boiler maintenance.


Formerly known as Haven Power, Drax is dedicated to helping businesses reduce costs and achieve energy efficiency through 100% renewable power sources. Drax operates its commercial supply business under the Opus Energy brand, specializing in providing 100% renewable energy to small and medium-sized organizations.

Scottish Power

Scottish Power, headquartered in Glasgow and a subsidiary of the Spanish utility giant Iberdrola, wears multiple hats in the UK energy sector. They serve as a distribution network operator, transmission owner, and energy supplier to both homes and businesses. Scottish Power offers a range of energy deals to suit the needs of businesses, all of which are sourced from their wind turbine generators.

Opus Energy

Opus Energy, a leading business energy supplier in the UK and a subsidiary of Drax, serves over 200,000 customers with electricity. Drax, the parent company, operates the world's largest biomass power station.


Engie is committed to helping small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) transition to low-carbon operations by providing clean and affordable energy solutions. Additionally, Engie offers competitive purchase agreements through the Smart Export Guarantee scheme for businesses that generate their electricity.

Total Energies

Last but not least, Total Energies, a major energy supplier, vies for the title of the largest supplier of energy products to UK businesses. Total Energies is dedicated to becoming the UK's most trusted business energy supplier, offering reliable and hassle-free power supply solutions.

Top Business Energy Suppliers

Selecting the best business energy supplier isn't always a straightforward decision, as it depends on your unique business needs. We've discussed the major business energy suppliers above, but they may not necessarily be the ideal fit for your company. Our team of in-house business energy experts has categorized business energy suppliers into a few different groups:

  1. Business Energy Suppliers with Outstanding Customer Reviews

    We've gathered information about the best business energy suppliers based on reviews from happy customers on Trustpilot. Octopus Energy is highly rated with an impressive 4.8 score from a massive 192,000 reviews. Assured Energy has a perfect 5.0 rating, though from a smaller base of 622 reviews. United Gas and Power also have a solid 4.8 rating from 602 reviews. It's important to mention that many of Octopus Energy's reviews are from residential customers, but overall, they are known for providing excellent service.

  2. Greenest Business Energy Suppliers

    Most business energy suppliers now offer environmentally friendly electricity options sourced from renewable sources like wind and solar. While it's challenging to single out the greenest business electricity supplier, let's shine a spotlight on an innovative option: Good Energy. Unlike many others, Good Energy generates the electricity it supplies from a network of 1,700 independent generators, directly supporting small renewable sources, including businesses that produce their clean energy.

  3. Best Business Energy Suppliers for Small Businesses

    Business energy suppliers tailor their services slightly differently for small businesses. For instance, they must display contract end and notice dates on all bills and cannot bill you retroactively for more than 12 months. Certain business energy suppliers focus on delivering excellent service to smaller enterprises, offering features like:

    • Self-service online portals
    • Convenient card payments for invoices
    • Easy-to-understand tariff options

    Notably, Opus Energy, E. ON Next, and British Gas Lite stand out for their strong offerings designed with small businesses in mind.

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