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  1. You will save valuable time and administrative effort.
  2. You can obtain professional advice and utilize our market intelligence.
  3. You can benefit from our independent view of the market.
  4. Our service is FREE and there is no obligation to accept any offers we negotiate.
  5. We do not require you to sign a brokerage agreement with us.
  6. We have brokerage agreements with all the major UK utility suppliers as well as the many smaller suppliers.
  7. Many utility contracts are "evergreen", meaning they automatically renew if you don't cancel them with a 'letter of termination' within the required time period, as defined in your contract.
  8. A large percentage of clients fail to act on the required 'letter of termination', meaning suppliers roll them over into more expensive contracts. Utilizing Lloyd’s will remove that risk.
  9. Many suppliers renew their customers in this way, rolling them over into new contracts, and often the customer is unaware this is happening.


There are approximately 23,000 different business electricity pricing tariffs available in the UK. It is therefore not surprising to find that many businesses do not understand their existing tariffs and can often be found an alternative that is more appropriate for their particular needs. Being on an incorrect tariff can be very expensive and many are available only to suit certain business types. We have access to all tariffs available in the UK energy markets and we can find the right one for your needs. We can also help larger users significantly reduce availability/capacity charges and simplify tariffs for better understanding.

Lloyd Energy is an independent leading UK energy consultancy company, offering a full range of utilities management and bookkeeping/accounting outsourcing services. We are already helping businesses nationally purchase their energy more efficiently and use it more effectively, and helping our premium business clients in the preparation of there Account, Finance & Bookkeeping, specifically in the preparation of Financial reports. We would like to do the same for you.
"Our success lies in the talent, commitment and innovation of our people at all levels."