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Switching Energy Supplier

Why switching your gas and electricity supplier?

Because by switching you could save a lot of money!

How much money can I save?

Depending on your energy usage and profile, we have helped our customers to save £1000's each year on an average.

Can I get a better deal somewhere else?

Its quite likely that your existing supplier is may charging you at high rates and you can save your money by simply taking our free of charge consultation.

What is involved in switching energy suppliers?

The process of switching energy suppliers is very straightforward. It involves the following simple steps.
Choose the tariff and term suits your need by talking to our energy advisor.
We will fill your form on your behalf and you would get a copy for the same from your chosen supplier.
Your new energy supplier will contact you shortly after your application to confirm the details of the transfer and to give you an exact start date of your new energy contract start.

How long does it take?

Only 5 minutes!!

Will there be any interruption to my gas or electricity supply?

No! The only change which you will see is that your gas and electricity bill will come from a different energy supplier and it will be lower.

How can I check if I am in a contract?

You can simply call your existing energy supplier and can ask them when your contract ends; you should know that if you miss to give the required notice to your supplier, it’s quite likely that your contract automatically roll over with high price contract.

When should I cancel the Direct Debit with my current energy supplier?

You should not cancel your Direct Debit with your current energy supplier until the transfer of your gas or electricity supply has been confirmed. You should also pay the final bill from your previous energy supplier before cancelling your Direct Debit mandate with them.

Can my current supplier prevent me from switching to a new supplier for any other reason?

As long as you are not in debt with your existing gas and electricity supplier or you have not given the required notice as per the initial contract agreement, they can't stop you from switching.

What information will I need to provide in order to get the prices?

Not much! You just need your any old energy bill and simply call us and we’ll help you to choose the most suited tariff for your individual need.