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Cheapest Gas Supplier

Who is the Cheapest Gas Supplier?

Are you looking for the cheapest gas supplier to save money? British Gas, npower and E-on are a few of the trusted brands in this field with British Gas considered by many as the cheapest gas supplier. Reasons for its popularity include its quality of service and the price of its deals. One of its most popular deals is the Standard deal. It offers discounts up to £44 on your gas supply and is available to new and existing customers. Also, the customer need not pay any fee for canceling the contract.

Gas price comparison

When looking through the results you received for gas price comparison, start at the top with the cheapest and begin looking at the customer reviews. Look through and pick out which you feel are the best top ten or so and then actually read through the customer reviews thoroughly. The reviews will normally give you a great deal of information which you will find really helpful when you compare gas prices. You shouldn't just judge the price alone as it may be the cheapest but the customer service may be awful and not worth being with them no matter how cheap. It is always better to pay that tiny bit extra if it means that you can feel comfortable and know if anything happens and goes wrong your gas supplier will be there at hand to help out and give support.

Gas for domestic or business Supplier

Gas for domestic or business use is bought wholesale by the array of suppliers operating within the UK market and then distributed to households or commercial premises via these suppliers. Gas bills are calculated on the basis of how many units of energy are consumed, usually alongside a standing charge. Gas meters measure the volume of gas used in cubic feet or cubic metres and the gas companies convert this into kilowatt hours. Among the wide range of energy suppliers there is an equally wide range of gas prices, which are organised through an array of pricing plans. These plans provide a different set of benefits to different consumers, depending on the energy needs of the business or household.

Gas Supplier In UK

In UK, the supply of gas is divided into twelve Local Distribution Zones, and eight gas distribution networks play major role in managing these LDZs. All these zones are controlled and dominated by few major gas suppliers. West Midlands, North West, London, and East of England are taken care by the National Grid. And Wales and West Utilities controls Wales and the West. Scotia Gas Network is controlling the Scotland & South of England, which works as Scotland Gas Networks and Southern Gas Networks. Whereas, the North of England is owned by Northern Gas Networks, operating on the contract basis to United Utilities Operations.

How to find cheapest Gas Supplier in UK?

The final tips relate to gas saving. Changing old central heating boilers can save money on your gas bill by up to at least £200 a year. New boilers these days allow you to decide when you want your heating at certain temperatures, and simply switch it off when you don't want it on.

Another tip is to set a timer for central heating so that you know the duration for which it is on and off for. Another tip is to check out websites that compare gas prices, as identifying the cheapest gas prices can significantly reduce your gas bill. This can also apply to business gas prices.

By simply switching your gas or electricity supplier you can save money. You may find a different method offered of paying your bills, or in fact find that there are better and cheaper rates elsewhere.

The final tip, worth contemplating, is buying gas and electric from the same utility company who may offer, as a result, what is known as a dual fuel discount. This does help with costs and although it may affect your ability to shop around elsewhere, it may relieve pressure from separate gas and electricity bills from different companies that charge varying prices between each utility.